I've Donated! How do I follow and track your progress?

You can follow and track our progress by visiting our website or follow us at the social networks that we are located on:

We intend to update our status and progress as we work through completing the Hueyify Project. Major news and press statements will be made via the Press Centre.

The FAQ List

Powered by Hueyify®

This section covers technologies powered by Hueyify®.


Information in relation to Hueyify donations and supporting our Vision.


This section covers any General questions.

Graphics / Artwork

This section covers the graphics / artwork.


Hueyify is currently bootstrapping and needs all the help we can get. You can help us too.

I have Autism

Questions relating to Autism is listed here.

Legally Blind / Blind

Questions related to Blind is listed here.

Patents / IP

Information in relation to Patents / IP.

Software / Hardware

This section covers questions relating to Software / Hardware.

Legal / Terms & Conditions

All the Legal / Terms & Conditions are covered here.