Improving the World Wide Web for nearly 3 Billion Internet Users including for free:

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285 Million Blind

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70 Million Autistic

The Hueyify® Accessibility Benefits and Features

  • Change Colours / Layout / Presentation
  • Classifies Content into Quality Levels
  • Annotate & Summarises Content
  • Enable Accessibility Enhancements
  • Apply text-to-speech on Content
  • Transform websites to work better with screen readers
  • Transform websites to assist those who don't use a mouse
  • Improves Readability & Comprehension
  • Free for those who are Legally Blind / Blind or has Autism
  • Available Worldwide
  • Major Browsers Supported
    Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Internet Explorer Edge Opera Apple Safari

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An Interesting Fact about Hueyify®

Did you know that the concept of Hueyify® actually originates from a blind boy named Huey who questioned “Web Usability” and the World Wide Web? You can read more about the history on Hueyify at Our Story to learn more about the reason why the Hueyify platform was invented and where all the passion for wanting to make a difference to people's lives derives from.