Our Purpose

At Hueyify we believe that there are preferences and choices in everything we do: from the way we do things, what we like and don't like. That's why we are building a platform that puts the power of preferences, control and personalisation into the World Wide Web.

Our purpose is to recognise that every Internet User is a unique individual & different. Thus, Web experiences should be tailored specifically for each individual. Providing you the World Wide Web — Your Way!

Our Vision

Our vision is to redefine the way the World Wide Web is used by people and to improve “Web Usability” by providing the innovation that puts the power of preferences, control & personalisation into the Internet.

We believe that a perfect website is the one that presents the content in a manner that is closely aligned to the user's preferences giving a personalised and comprehensible web experience.

We see the future of the Web where the Internet User's preferences is measurable and all information content including the way we interact with information will be tailored on a user-by-user basis. Our vision strives to go beyond just looking at “target markets” and “accessibility”.

Our Promise

To those who surf the Web – let Hueyify help you to take control of the way content is displayed in any browser giving you the most personalised & comprehensible web experience. Web browsing made easier, smarter & fun!