I apologise for the lack of updates on Hueyify and the considerable delay to make this announcement. It is with much sadness and heavy heart to say that my son Huey (may his gentle soul rest in peace always) in which the project Hueyify was based upon has been called home. Huey is always missed and was taken too soon at the young age of sixteen.

As the Founder of Hueyify and the vision I have for Hueyify remains (and continues in Huey’s memory). However, I envision that Hueyify will make a greater impact when launched through snapWONDERS.

Stay tuned for the details soon.

Kenneth B Springer
Hueyify & snapWONDERS Founder

29/05/2017 Hueyify has scored a spot in the 2017 SMART 100 list

Read More

Hueyify has scored a spot in the 2017 SMART 100 list

25/11/2016 Hueyify was selected as the top 5 finalists in Australia for the Chivas – The Venture

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Hueyify was selected as the top 5 finalists in Australia for the Chivas - The Venture

14/09/2016 Hueyify® and Patents

Hueyify® is pleased to announce that the technologies behind Hueyify has been filed for an international patent-applied-for (PCT/AU2016/050860) – “SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING A PERSONALISED REACTIVE WEB EXPERIENCE”.

15/05/2016 Technologies Powered by Hueyify®

Hueyify® is pleased to announce that the Internet of DOTS (IoD) and the Web of DOTS (WoD) is powered by the Hueyify® technologies: Read More

Press release statement on technologies powered by Hueyify

18/01/2016 Hueyify® Platform Supports the Faster New Internet Protocol “HTTP/2”

Press release statement on Hueyify supporting the faster HTTP/2 protocol

Hueyify® is pleased to announce that the Hueyify platform supports the faster new Internet Protocol “HTTP/2”: Read More

21/09/2015 At Last — Our First Major Milestone Reached for Hueyify®

Press release statement on the hueyify.com reaching the first major milestone with an early version prototype of the platform

Hueyify® is pleased to announce that we have successfully reached our first major milestone with the hueyify.com platform. We have successfully transitioned from the proof-of-concept to an early version platform prototype and presented it last Thursday on 17th of September 2015. We are excited and working hard towards the Beta version release of the platform.

If you are interested in the Investment Opportunities with Hueyify then please contact us as detailed at: Investment Opportunities.

17/08/2015 Hueyify® Founder Interviewed for Start-up Tips

At Hueyify there is a lot of momentum and energy. Days are a blur where we are racing towards our vision and continuing with the Hueyify journey. Recently the Hueyify founder Kenneth Springer was interviewed by the journalist Thea Christie who works for StartupSmart for entrepreneurial tips on start-ups.

Article on interviewing the Hueyify Founder Kenneth Springer - follow link to read it

11/07/2015 Hueyify® presents at the Monash Lions Club AGM

A special thanks to the Monash Lions Club for having us as guest speakers at their AGM to share our journey and vision with Hueyify with their club.

09/07/2015 Take5 Magazine Covers the Family behind Hueyify®

Take5 Magazine Cover

31/05/2015 Leo Club of Knox - Trivia Night 2015 for Leo and Lions

Kenneth & Huey presenting Hueyify at the Knox Lions Club

21/05/2015 Hueyify® Receives Trademark Registration

Hueyify Registration Article

14/05/2015 Hueyify® Platform Explained - Portland State University USA

It seems that Hueyify has got some coverage by the Portland State University in USA and they cover the Hueyify platform nicely and our current track and our vision...

Portland State University Blog Screenshot

31/03/2015 Local News about Hueyify® - Leader Community Newspaper

My daughter Elleleen said her friend had PM-ed her to tell her that she saw her dad and Huey in the newspaper. I must say I was suprised as I didn't think it would be appearing for a few more weeks yet. Thanks to Leader Community Newspaper you can read the news below...

Leader Community Newspaper Article Screenshot - Herald Sun

11/02/2015 Hueyify® appears on WonderBaby.org

One of the difficult things about Hueyify and the vision is explaining what we do. The simple fact is if people cannot comprehend and see our vision and goals then I would say Hueyify may be in trouble. However, I must say it was rather delightful being notified that there was a posting about Hueyify today and seeing our vision is getting through.

WonderBaby.org Screenshot

03/01/2015 Making Websites Accessible still falls short? We need to do MORE - pushing beyond just “Accessibility”

2015 is here! Happy New Year! No doubt we can expect to see website accessibility more in the news this year given the trend and technology is gaining more traction in this realm.

What better way to start the year with an article release with Eileen Fong the CEO of Hueyify explaining how making websites accessible still falls short and that we need to do MORE! Pushing beyond just “Accessibility”?

Read article at: Making websites accessible still falls short
by Eileen Fong & Kenneth Springer

12/12/2014 Dad Entrepreneurial Tip appears in Launch Grow Joy

I was in Sydney when I was notified that my entrepreneurial tip about balancing family life, fatherhood and entrepreneurship was one of the top 40 that was selected and published on Lauch Grow Joy. I wrote:

"Balancing fatherhood while running a business is never easy. However, I found that if you can share the why part with your family members then the support you receive from the family members is stronger and very supportive. Entrepreneurship is not strictly work time and family time. - Kenneth Springer, Hueyify.com"

Launch Grow Joy Screenshot

15/10/2014 Hueyify® to present at SPEVI (South Pacific Educators in Vision Impairment)

Hueyify will be presenting at the SPEVI 2015 Biennial Conference which is now open for registration. The conference is held on 12th - 15th January 2015 at the Melbourne Conference and Training Centre in Melbourne. Hueyify will be presenting all about the next era of the Internet with the new Hueyify Product and Service. Our session starts on Wednesday at 9:30AM. Look forward to seeing you there!

05/09/2014 Hueyify® in the Media on Media Access Australia

Hueyify appears in the media on MediaAccess.org.au. Media Access Australia is Australia's only independent not-for-profit organisation devoted to increasing access to media for people with a disability.

Media Access Article Screenshot

05/08/2014 Hueyify® in the Media on StartUpSmart

Hueyify appears in the media on StartUpSmart.com.au.

StartUpSmart Article Screenshot