Ever visited a website where you had a bad “user experience” or wished you could just change something about that website as it's presentation annoys you and just feels plain wrong? Whether it is something like the colour, or the layout or a feature — it's the little things that are so frustratingly unbearable and in the end you grudgingly put up with it. Sound familiar? You bet it does!

The Web has Evolved!

We currently have:

  • Web standards and guides on the best practices for building a website.
  • Accessibility standards aimed to help those who are disabled to more easily use the Web.
  • Independent web designers with their own ideas on good website design.
  • Marketing and branding experts who advise on what works well.
  • In recent times there is an increasing trend to have laws enforcing Web Accessibility compliancy.

It is logically impossible to have standards and experts all defining what forms the perfect Website that pleases everyone!

So What's Missing?

We need to be more visionary when considering the future of the Web. There are preferences & choices in everything we do: from the way we do things, what we like and don't like. Imagine the World where information via websites was presented the way you want it to be. Allowing you to seamlessly access & interact with any website in the way you want.

A perfect website is the one that presents the content in a manner that is closely aligned to the reader's preferences giving a personalised and comprehensible web experience.

The Hueyify platform makes any website automatically and seamlessly tailored based on your preferences. The best part of the platform is that it contains a learning engine designed to automatically adapt and grow with you.

Powering the Internet with Preferences, Control and Personalisation. The World Wide Web — Your Way!
Kenneth Springer: Hueyify® Founder

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At Hueyify we see a new world with the Internet & “Web Usability”. Hueyify helps Businesses, Website Owners, Internet Users & Web Developers by improving Internet experiences in a seamless and transparent way.

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Hueyify Works:

The prototype has already been completed & international patent-applied-for (PCT/AU2016/050860). We've already done the hard work researching, investigating, designing and proving that the concept is viable. Now we are working hard to complete the platform.

What is Hueyify?
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Helping Community:

We want to do our bit to make the World a better place. That's why the Hueyify Platform is free for anyone in the world who is legally blind or has autism.

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