Do the "Dots" on your logo H mean anything?

Yes the “Dots” on the logo H is actually Braille writing.

The Braille (in Grade 1 level) below spells the name huey.

The word "Hueyify" was coined as a new word was needed to describe our concept. Hueyify is a verb which means “the ability to transform Internet content and display it in any way possible that aids your web browsing experience”

The FAQ List

Powered by Hueyify®

This section covers technologies powered by Hueyify®.


Information in relation to Hueyify donations and supporting our Vision.


This section covers any General questions.

Graphics / Artwork

This section covers the graphics / artwork.


Hueyify is currently bootstrapping and needs all the help we can get. You can help us too.

I have Autism

Questions relating to Autism is listed here.

Legally Blind / Blind

Questions related to Blind is listed here.

Patents / IP

Information in relation to Patents / IP.

Software / Hardware

This section covers questions relating to Software / Hardware.

Legal / Terms & Conditions

All the Legal / Terms & Conditions are covered here.