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Hueyify® has a technology focus on accessibility, digital media, machine learning, and AI. A better world online!

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The Hueyify® mission is simple — we want to put the accessibility into the digital media. A better world online!

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The Hueyify® technology is powered by the snapWONDERS offerings. We built snapWONDERS to do deep digital media analysis & digital media regeneration with a focus on accessibility so that we could realise the vision that we have for Hueyify.

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Just updated our Website

We’re excited to launch our new updated website. It’s been a long while since we had last updated the Hueyify® website. Hueyify has undergone drastic pivots and still focused in …

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The easiest way to contact someone at Hueyify® is just go to the link: Contact Us

Yes the “Dots” on the logo H is actually Braille writing.

The Braille (in Grade 1 level) below spells the name huey:

The word “Hueyify” was coined as a new word was needed to describe our concept. Hueyify® is a verb which means “the ability to transform Internet content and display it in any way possible that aids your web browsing experience”

goldenSoftwareENGINEERS® and Hueyify® are Registered Trademarks operating under license to Golden Software Engineers Pty Ltd.

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goldenSoftwareENGINEERS® is a software house and the people behind snapWONDERS™, Hueyify® and brownSignWONDERS™.

snapWonders — Deep digital media analysis, format conversions, steganography, scrubbing and regeneration. Providing digital media solutions
Hueyify — Digital media and AI powering Accessibility
brownSignWONDERS — Storytelling the wonders of your world…

G’day! We are located in Australia in the state of Victoria. Victoria is renowned for its varied climate and unpredictable weather.

The Hueyify® Logo was designed by Kenneth, Huey and Elle (Huey’s sister).

When Huey came up with the idea for Hueyify and questioned “Web Usability”. I coined the idea of verb-ifying Huey’s name which means: innovation that puts the power of Preferences, Control & Personalisation into the Internet.

Huey who is legally blind picked the colours as with his limited eyesight he tends to see black on yellow best so he wanted the logo to be black on yellow. I wanted the logo to be presented in the shape of “H” for Hueyify. However, later decided that the logo needs to tie with the origins of Huey’s idea regarding Web Usuability and realised that h-u-e-y was based on four letters and we could write the Braille of each letter on each leg of the letter H. So the dots on the logo spell “huey” in Braille.

Elle helped with the art work and providing feedback which resulted in the final logo.

Huey (may his gentle soul rest in peace always) is a legally blind boy who questioned “Web Usability” and come up with some ideas on how to improve it. You can read more about Huey and his role with Hueyify® in Our Story.

Today the project in some form continues in his memory after undergoing a huge pivot.

Kenneth Springer is the founder of the Hueyify® project and the founder of goldenSoftwareENGINEERS®. Kenneth can be found at: or

Hue generally means the gradation of colour or tint. Whereas, Huey is the name of the boy who suggested how the Web browsing could be improved. In essence the concept in which the entire services / products was based upon.

Generally when you verb-ify words you would normally drop off the ending “y”. In this instance the word “Hue-ify” would imply that you want to verb-ify the hue colour or tint which may be correct if that was the meaning you were after.

As we needed a new word which is a verb that explains the meaning “the ability to transform Internet content and display it in any way possible that aids your web browsing experience” and wanted to connect to blindness to remember the roots of the project – we simply just coined a new word “Hueyify”.

As the word formation and verb is formed based on “Huey” + “ify” the letter “y” can not be dropped. Hence Hueyify® becomes correct spelling.