Who designed the Hueyify Logo?

Hueyify LogoThe Hueyify® Logo was designed by Kenneth, Huey and Elle (Huey's sister).

When Huey came up with the idea for Hueyify and questioned “Web Usability”. I coined the idea of verb-ifying Huey's name which means: innovation that puts the power of Preferences, Control & Personalisation into the Internet.

Huey who is legally blind picked the colours as with his limited eyesight he tends to see black on yellow best so he wanted the logo to be black on yellow. I wanted the logo to be presented in the shape of “H” for Hueyify. However, later decided that the logo needs to tie with the origins of Huey's idea regarding Web Usuability and realised that h-u-e-y was based on four letters and we could write the Braille of each letter on each leg of the letter H. So the dots on the logo spell “huey” in Braille.

Elle helped with the art work and providing feedback which resulted in the final logo.

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