Hueyify® Receives Trademark Registration

We are extremely pleased that our trademarks for the word Hueyify® and the Hueyify logo have been successfully registered.

We needed a new word that is a verb that means “the ability to transform Internet content and display it in any way possible that aids your web browsing experience”. As the origins of the idea formed from a blind boy named “Huey” meant we coined a new word by converting it to a verb to form the name “Hueyify”.

The Hueyify logo was designed and created by Kenneth, Elleleen and Huey Springer.

Trademarks are very valuable assets as they signify to the public the branding in relation to the product and services offered. However, for us at Hueyify it means something more as it also represents the symbol for the vision and the goal of the new Internet era we are striving for.

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