Leo Club of Knox – Trivia Night 2015 for Leo and Lions

Earlier in the week myself and my family was invited to attend to the Trivia Night hosted by the Leo Club of Knox as a guest member held at the Bayswater Senior Citizens Centre last night (Saturday 30th of May).

This gave an opportunity for us to present Hueyify to all the Leo and Lions in attendance. There were other Lion Clubs in attendance from Rowville, Heathmont, Wantirna and others making an audience of about 190 people.

I must say the Club made us feel very welcome last night including everyone who sat on our table who formed our team for the trivia night. It was a fun night even though I was terrible at Trivia. Thankfully my daughter knew some of the answers to make up for my shortfall  – good job Elleleen!

About halfway through the night Huey and myself stood in front of the audience and presented a little about Hueyify, why Hueyify was formed, a little about what we are trying to achieve, how we wish to help others and our vision for moving forward to make a difference to the world. We ended with playing a short informative video showing what Hueyify has to offer.

After the presentation Srisa the Leo Club of Knox President presented a donation cheque towards Hueyify and the work we are doing. We are grateful for the donation and appreciative for their support. Bootstrapping the Hueyify project and constantly seeking funding is the most difficult challenge we are facing and am appreciative for any help.

Some photos from the night:

Presenting to a room of 190 Leos and Lions. There were two overhead projectors on display although the contents didn’t show up in this photo.
With the Leo and Lion club leaders – left-to-right: Kumar, Kenneth & Huey, Murray and Srisa.

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