What’s the connection to goldenSoftwareENGINEERS and snapWONDERS?

goldenSoftwareENGINEERS® is a software house and the people behind snapWONDERS™, Hueyify® and brownSignWONDERS™. snapWonders — Deep digital media analysis, format conversions, steganography, scrubbing and regeneration. Providing digital media solutionssnapWonders.com Hueyify …

Registered Trademarks

goldenSoftwareENGINEERS® and Hueyify® are Registered Trademarks operating under license to Golden Software Engineers Pty Ltd.

Contacting Hueyify

The easiest way to contact someone at Hueyify® is just go to the link: Contact Us

Who designed the Hueyify Logo?

The Hueyify® Logo was designed by Kenneth, Huey and Elle (Huey’s sister). When Huey came up with the idea for Hueyify and questioned “Web Usability”. I coined the idea of …

Why is Hueyify not spelt like Hueify?

Hue generally means the gradation of colour or tint. Whereas, Huey is the name of the boy who suggested how the Web browsing could be improved. In essence the concept …

Where are you located?

G’day! We are located in Australia in the state of Victoria. Victoria is renowned for its varied climate and unpredictable weather.