Why is Hueyify not spelt like Hueify?

Hue generally means the gradation of colour or tint. Whereas, Huey is the name of the boy who suggested how the Web browsing could be improved. In essence the concept in which the entire services / products was based upon.

Generally when you verb-ify words you would normally drop off the ending “y”. In this instance the word “Hue-ify” would imply that you want to verb-ify the hue colour or tint which may be correct if that was the meaning you were after.

As we needed a new word which is a verb that explains the meaning “the ability to transform Internet content and display it in any way possible that aids your web browsing experience” and wanted to connect to blindness to remember the roots of the project – we simply just coined a new word “Hueyify”.

As the word formation and verb is formed based on “Huey” + “ify” the letter “y” can not be dropped. Hence Hueyify® becomes correct spelling.

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